The Fourth International Workshop on Cooperative Distributed Vision

Final Program

March 22 (Thursday) at Kyodai-Kaikan
Session 1 [Dynamic Modeling of Intelligences] chaired by M. Asada
10:15 Cooperative Distributed Vision: Dynamic Integration of Visual Perception, Camera Action, and Network Communication
(T. Matsuyama)
11:00 Invited talk:
Multi-camera Tracking and Visualization for Surveillance and Sports
(R. Collins)
Session 2 [Sensor and Tracking] chaired by K. Deguchi
14:00 Multi-focus Camera with Coded Aperture
(S. Hiura)
14:25 Fixed Viewpoint Cameras and Their Applications
(T. Wada)
14:50 Real-Time Active Moving Object Detection and Tracking
(A. Sugimoto)
15:15Coffee Break
15:45 Demo Session I [Demos on Sensor and Tracking]
March 23 (Friday) at Kyoto Univ.
Session 3 [Cooperative Tracking] chaired by T. Wada
09:30 Cooperative Tracking by Communicating Active Vision Agents
(N. Ukita)
09:55 Multi-target Tracking by Cooperation of Stationary and Mobile Agents
(N. Yoshida)
10:20 Cooperative Distributed Face Registration and Recognition in Natural Environment
(T. Shakunaga)
10:45Coffee Break
Session 4 [Object Recognition and Active Vision] chaired by T. Shakunaga
11:10 Invited talk:
An Object Recognition System Using Local Image Features of Intermediate Complexity
(D. Lowe)
12:10 Construction of Active Vision Systems for Cooperative Distributed Vision
(K. Deguchi)
Session 5 [Cooperative Robots] chaired by R. Taniguchi
14:20 Cooperative Behavior Acquisition by Learning and Evolution of Vision-Motor Mapping for Mobile Robots
(E. Uchibe)
15:05 Acquiring Human Task and Cooperative Behavior through Spatiotemporal Distributed Vision
(K. Ikeuchi)
15:30Coffee Break
15:45 Demo Session II [Demos on Cooperation and Robots]
18:00 Discussion Session [Evaluation and Discussion on Project Achievements] (at Shiran Kaikan)
March 24 (Saturday) at Kyoto Univ.
Session 6 [Cooperative Visualization] chaired by A. Sugimoto
09:00 Dynamic Scene Visualization Using an Active Camera
(S. Tokai)
09:25 Imaging a 3D Lecture Room by Interpreting its Dynamic Situation
(Y. Kameda)
10:10Coffee Break
Session 7 [3D Video] chaired by K. Ikeuchi
10:30 Invited talk:
Image and Video-Based Modeling and Rendering
(R. Szeliski)
11:30 Real-Time Multi-view Image Analysis on PC-Cluster and Its Application
(R. Taniguchi)
11:55 Real-Time Active 3D Object Shape Reconstruction for 3D Video
(X. Wu)
12:20 Interactive 3D Video Viewer
(T. Takai)
12:50 Demo Session III [Demos on 3D Video]