Third International Workshop on Cooperative Distributed Vision

Final Program

November 19 (Friday)
Session 1 [Dynamic Modeling of Intelligences] chaired by M. Minoh
10:00 Dynamic Memory: Architecture for Real Time Integration of Visual Perception, Camera Action, and Network Communication
(T. Matsuyama)
10:30 Invited talk:
Representation of Multi-Agent Action for Recognition
(A. Bobick)
Session 2 [Human Behavior Recognition] chaired by M. Asada
13:00 Invited talk:
Image Understanding for Visual Surveillance Applications
(M. Thonnat)
14:00 Real Environment Testbed for Cooperative Distributed Face Registration
(T. Shakunaga)
14:30Coffee Break
Session 3 [Cooperative Robots] chaired by K. Deguchi
14:50 Multiple Reward Criterion for Cooperative Behavior Acquisition in a Multiagent Environment
(E. Uchibe)
15:20 Task-Model Based Human Robot Cooperation Using Vision
(H. Kimura)
16:00 Demo Session I (at Kyodai Kaikan)
18:30 Welcome Reception (at Shiran Kaikan)
November 20 (Saturday)
Session 4 [Real-Time Human Recognition] chaired by T. Shakunaga
09:15 RPV: A Programming Environment for Real-time Parallel Vision on PC Cluster ---Specification and programming methodology---
(R. Taniguchi)
09:45 Real Time 3D Shape Reconstruction using PC Cluster System
(S. Tokai)
10:15 Invited Talk:
Multi-perspective Analysis of Human Action
(L. Davis)
Session 5 [Real-World Image Sensing] chaired by N. Yoshida
12:45 Background Subtraction under Varying Illuminations
(H. Habe)
13:15 A Method for Fine Registration of Multiple View Range Images to Reconstruct 3D Total Object Shape
(K. Deguchi)
13:45Coffee Break
Session 6 [Cooperative Visualization] chaired by R. Taniguchi
14:00 Invited Talk:
Semantic Interactivity in Presence Systems
(S. Santini)
15:00 Distance Learning Environment based on the Interpretation of Dynamic Situation of Lecture Room
(M. Minoh)
15:30Move to Kyoto Univ.
16:00 Demo Session II (at Kyoto University)