Lighting Environment Estimation

Acquiring the knowledge of light sources is crucial in computer vision as well as in computer graphics especially with the recent advent of image based rendering techniques. Once the parameters of light sources are obtained, the illumination information can be effectively utilized for manipulating shadows, highlights, or shading on real/virtual object in images.

Technical demo

This movie is generated with our technologies, that is, '3D video' and 'lighting environment estimation.' The lighting environment consists of four candles and fluorescent light tubes on the ceiling, and you can find the flickering of the candles. The two fighting objects in the scene was captured one by one due to the size of our studio. The motion is almost perfectly synchronized with each other, by their professional senses. The reflectance properties were added by manual.

This movie was rendered with Blender 2.45. Enjoy it!

Kung-fu under candles Kung-fu under candles.

More info

  • Self Shadows and Cast Shadows in Estimating Illumination Distribution [pdf]
    T. Takai, A. Maki, and T. Matsuyama.
    4th European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP 2007),
    Nov. 27-28, 2007.
  • Difference Sphere: An Approach to Near Light Source Estimation [pdf]
    T. Takai, K. Niinuma, A. Maki, and T. Matsuyama.
    IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition,
    pp. I-98 - I-105, 2004.


  • Demo video

    demo video
    [Download (5 MB)]
    Demonstration video of "Skeleton cube for estimating dynamic near lighting distribution" (in xvid format).