The Fourth International Workshop on

Cooperative Distributed Vision

March 22-24, 2001 Kyoto, Japan

The fourth international workshop on Cooperative Distributed Vision was held on March 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2001 with a great success. The final research achievements of the CDV project were extensively presented and they sufficed to prove that the CDV project over the past five years is successful. In fact, more than 130 participants (more than 90 from academia; more than 40 from industry) enjoyed the three-day workshop. The workshop provided the participants with the exciting forum where they exchange their latest knowledge and stimulate each other through intensive discussions.

At the workshop, we invited the three outstanding researchers listed below in computer vision and image understanding. We also had on-site demonstrations as well as paper presentations. Here are the technical program of the paper presentations with their abstracts and the titles of the demonstrations.

Program of the paper presentations

Program of the demonstrations

Invited Speakers:

We send the workshop proceedings with no fee, if requested, to those who could not attend the workshop so that they can understand the technical details on the presented topics at the workshop. Please feel free to contact us below if you need the workshop proceedings. We serve based on the first-in first-out strategy. Since the amount of the stock of the proceedings is limited, in case where it is out of stock, therefore, please understand that we cannot provide you with the proceedings.

Finally, the CDV project itself was concluded in the end of March, 2001, however, it opened a succeeding research area, 3D Video, which is realized by integrating all technologies developed by the prject. We shall make every effort to establish 3D Video and present our research results on it, thank you.


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