First International Workshop


Cooperative Distributed Vision

Oct. 17-18, 1997 Kyoto JAPAN

Invited Speakers

Steve Hennessy : Video Surveillance and Monitoring Adrian Pearce : Distributed architectures and learning strategies for image interpretation Jim Little : Robot Partners: Collaborative Perceptual Robotic Systems JanOlof Eklundh : Towards a seeing agent


Oct. 17 (Fri.)
10:00Demos(Room 211)
13:00Makoto Nagao(Kyoto Univ.)
Session 1
13:30 Cooperative Distributed Vision
Takashi Matsuyama(Kyoto Univ.)
14:30 Video Surveillance and Monitoring
Steve Hennessy(SAIC)
15:30 Coffee Break and Demo(Room 211)
Session 2
16:30 Event Driven Cooperative Motion Recognition
Toshikazu Wada(Kyoto Univ.)
17:30 Distributed Architectures and Learning
Strategies for Image Interpretation
Adrian Pearce \(Curtin Univ. of Tech.)
19:00Welcome Party
Oct. 18 (Sat.)
Session 3
9:30 Depth Measurement by Multi-Focus Camera
Shinsaku Hiura(Kyoto Univ.)
10:30 Towards a seeing agent
Jan-Olof Eklundh(Royal Inst. of Tech.)
11:30Lunch and Open House
(Kyoto Univ. Matsuyama Lab., Minoh Lab.)
Session 4
13:30 Cooperative Behavior Acquisition via
Vision-Based Learning and Development
Minoru Asada(Osaka Univ.)
14:30 Robot Partners: Collaborative Perceptual Robotic Systems
Jim Little(Univ. of BC)
15:30Coffee Break
Session 5
16:00 A Direct Interpretation of Dynamic Images and Camera
Motion for Vision Guided Robot Control
Kouichiro Deguchi(Univ. of Tokyo)
16:30 Image media with 3D space
Michihiko Minoh(Kyoto Univ.)
17:30 Takashi Matsuyama(Kyoto Univ.)


Participation Fee: Free (with proceedings)