Second International Workshop


Cooperative Distributed Vision

Nov. 5-6, 1998 Kyoto JAPAN


Audiences、Opening Address

A. Machworth, J. Tsotsos

M. Asada, Welcome party

D. Grimson, D. Hogg

Invited Speakers


Nov. 5 (Thu.)
Session 1 [Model of Intelligent Systems]
10:00 Cooperative Distributed Vision -- Dynamic Integration of Visual Perceptin, Action, and Communication --
(T. Matsuyama)
10:30 Invited talk:
The Dynamics of Intelligence: A Constraint-Based Architecture for Situated Visual Agents
(A. Machworth)
Session 2 [Active Vision]
13:00 Invited talk:
The Role of Attention in Active Vision
(J. Tsotsos)
14:00 Dynamic Integration of Perception and Action for Real-Time Moving Object Detection and Tracking
(T. Matsuyama and T. Wada)
14:30 Cooperative Behavior Acquisition in a Multiple Mobile Robot Environment by Co-evolution
(E. Uchibe, M. Nakamura and M. Asada)
15:30 Demo / Open House (at Kyoto Univ.)
18:00 Reception
Nov. 6 (Fri.)
Session 3 [Sensing Architectures]
9:00 Multi-Focus Camera with Coded Aperture: Real-Time Depth Measurement and its Applications
(S. Hiura and T. Matsuyama)
9:30 A Basic Framework of Real-Time Image Processing on PC-Cluster
(R. Taniguchi and D. Arita)
10:00 Image-Based Control of Robot Ego-Motion and Target Object Motions in the Scene by Eigen Space Method
(K. Deguchi)
Session 4 [Activity Monitoring]
11:00 Invited Talk:
Learning Patterns of Activity in a Forest of Sensors
(E. Grimson)
12:00 Person Tracking, Registration and Recognition by Cooperative Distributed Vision
(T. Shakunaga)
Session 5 [Interaction and Cooperation]
14:00 Invited Talk:
Visual Models of Interaction
(D. Hogg)
15:00 Cooperative Object Tracking by Communicating Active Vision Agents
(T. Matsuyama and T. Wada)
15:30 Multitarget Motion Analysis by Cooperative Multiagent System
(N. Yoshida, T. Sayo and K. Yamamoto)
Session 6 [Cooperarive Visualization]
16:30 Human Robot Cooperation for Mechanical Assembly using Cooperative Vision System
(H. Kimura, T. Horiuchi and K. Ikeuchi)
17:00 Scenario Based Multi-Camera Work Planning
(S. Tokai and T. Matsuyama)
17:30 Imaging a 3D Lecture Room by Interpreting its Dynamic Situation
(M. Minoh and Y. Kameda)


Participation Fee: Free (with proceedings)