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History of Matsuyama Laboratory

Matsuyama Laboratory was started as intelligence computer laboratory in 1989 when Dr. Takashi Matsuyama took up a new post at the department of Information Technology, faculty of Engineering, Okayama University. Those days, the department of Information Technology was started in the prefab room because of a new subject of studies. The research organization was ready at the next year and the full-scale research activities were started with arrival at posts of associate professor, Hisanori Asada (at present, president of Hiroshima City University) and assistant professor, Toshikazu Wada, (lecturer of Okayama University, associate professor of Kyoto University, at present, professor of Wakayama University), assignment of the first term student, and completion of the information building of 7 stories.
Soon, the base was moved to Kyoto University with Dr. Matsuyama's change of his post in 1995, and this Matsuyama laboratory of Kyoto University was newly started, and has continued till present.